Your silk line must be dressed before first fishing use. Dressing is realised with grease furnished with line. You take between fingers a nut of fly line dressing and put.
On all line length. This must be done five times (one time per day).
Line is just a little smooth at this time, it will be OK after fifty hours of fishing. This is “running in”.
At this time you must use you line calmly: various distance of fishing, one or two hours of fishing, no hard .
False casts to get a long distance quickly.
After this time, line is smooth as a snake skin and you have now many hours of true fly fishing.
Don’t forget to dry all line after each fishing party.
Storage at end of fishing time must be realised in a dry place, out of reel, in a storage box it’s better.
More precisions are given with each line.



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